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Over 1,000,000 heterosexual people in Britain believe they cannot contract HIV, according to new research.

Conducted by Newfoundland Diagnostics, the study highlights a need for better education and awareness around HIV, with over a fifth of straight Brits (21%) stating they believe they are unlikely to contract HIV, leading them not to test for HIV.

This is despite HIV being on the rise for heterosexual people according to latest Government data, with straight people accounting for almost half of all new cases

Other reasons for heterosexual people not testing for HIV include never having unprotected sex (18%), not having access to an HIV test (4%) and not being bothered to test for HIV (3%).

This lack of education has seen a 73% of heterosexual Brits having never tested for the virus.

The research exposes a clear hangover of the AIDS epidemic despite advances made by popular


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