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Parkland survivor David Hogg, who was in the headlines this week after videos surfaced showing newly-elected QAnon-supporting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stalking and taunting him on the streets of D.C., called out Greene and fellow QAnon-sympathizing freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert on Thursday, urging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to do something about their violent rhetoric and threats to democracy.

Tweeted Hogg: “They can put up all the fencing around the capitol the real threats of @mtgreenee and @laurenboebert will still be inside until @GOPLeader takes a stand.”

Boebert shot back, in apparent reference to the video of Greene harassing Hogg on the street: “David, please. We all saw how tough you were when questioned face to face. Give your keyboard a rest, child.”

David, please. We


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