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Controversial streamer Sneako has just realised the impact that his content has on young fans after hearing excited kids shout homophobic, transphobic, sexist comments.

Nico ‘Sneako’ De Balinthazy went viral on social media this week when a recent quick meet-and-greet with fans at a Miami Marlins basebal game went rogue.

Sneako is a former member of the MrBeast team who has since developed a large following on the Red Pill subreddit dedicated to incels and has frequently made headlines for his anti-LGBTQ+, deeply divisive, hateful comments.

As a result, the content creator was banned from YouTube last year. He now creates content for his followers on the streaming platform Rumble.

In the recent viral video, Sneako hears young children eagerly spout toxic hate while taking selfies with


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