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Originally From: Attitude

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Rylan (Image: Jack Alexander/Attitude)

TV presenter Rylan has shared “the best thing” to come out of his divorce and breakdown in an exclusive interview with Attitude.

Appearing on the cover of Attitude, available now, Rylan opened up about everything and spoke candidly about what he’s taken away from his experiences in the spotlight.

Since appearing on The X-Factor in 2012 he’s been a ubiquitous presence on TV with presenting roles in Eurovision, This Morning, The One Show, and more. Speaking to Attitude he conceded that his high-profile breakdown was the result of relentlessly working as well as his marriage to Dan Neal falling apart.

Rylan’s Attitude cover for the July/August issue (Image: Jack Alexander/Attitude)

Rylan admitted that he regrets not taking more breaks from work saying, “You’ve


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