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Sumarliði and Jón (Photo: Styrmir & Heiðdís / Pink Iceland)

A same-sex couple are among those to rush to marry next to an erupting volcano in Iceland.

The country, a geothermal hotspot, has around 30 active volcano systems. The latest to grab headlines is a so-called ‘quiet’ eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula. This means it’s producing consistent flows of lava from cracks in the earth, rather than big explosions.

The volcanic activity has been going for the past month from several fissures in the Fagradalsfjall mountain, around 20 miles from capital city Reykjavik.

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More approachable than most eruptions, it has drawn around 50,000 curious locals, who come to view the streams of lava. It’s the first time there has been volcanic activity


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