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Pope Francis has a penchant for the word “frociaggine” (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Agência Brasil)

A student has urged Pope Francis to cease using anti-LGBTQ language after a series of controversies over the pontiff’s use of the word “frociaggine.”

The Pope has publicly used the word, roughly translating to “faggot” or “faggotry”, not once but twice in the last month.

The Vatican issued a rare apology over his first use of the term.

Now, Jack Lorenz Acebedo Rivera has criticised the 87-year-old to his face for his language, while while appearing with him on a student panel discussion on “Building Bridges Across Asia Pacific.”

Issuing his plea during the video panel talk on Thursday (Friday 21 June 2024), the student told the pontiff such words lead to “immense pain.”

“I myself


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