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Switchboard’s new branding to mark 50 years (Image: Switchboard)

Switchboard, the LGBTQIA+ helpline has published its most recent Listen Up! report detailing the conversations it had with service users in 2023.

The charity has been taking calls since 1974, helping people find information, seek support, and community. Since launching the charity estimates there have been around 10,000 volunteers who have participated in over 4 million conversations.

In Wednesday’s (3 July) report, the charity says the number of conversations in 2023 rose by 13% to almost 15,000. This is attributed to more volunteers meaning more conversation can be had. Additionally, the relaunch of its email service has helped.

A high number of callers are considered ‘abandoned’
In 2023 there were 14,733 conversations. 3,884 were had via instant messaging (+7% from


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