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This article first apepared in Attitude issue 288, October 2017.

Quentin (left)
Age: 25
Occupation: Product Marketing Co-ordinator

Chris (right)
Age: 27
Occupation: Internal comms manager

Why did you volunteer for a blind date?

Quentin: I’ve been single for more than a year now and dating apps haven’t got me anywhere, so I thought I’d try something different.

Chris: The endless Tinder conversations going nowhere were starting to become a bit tiresome, so I thought I’d try a new route.

What were your first impressions of him?

Q: He’s a good-looking guy, but not the kind I usually go for.

C: I could tell he was quite active, as he looked fairly built.

Would you have swiped left or right?

Q: Left, sorry.

C: Definitely right.

How was the conversation and what did you talk about?

Q: We talked


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