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Originally From: Attitude

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Juano Diaz (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude; Design: Richard Burn/Attitude)

For the artist and now PEUGEOT Attitude Pride Awards winner Juano Diaz, life has come full circle. Born in Glasgow in 1977, his childhood, he tells Attitude, was “wracked in chaos and poverty”. His mother was a sex worker and an alcoholic. “One of my earliest memories is when she took me to a dam, a local beauty spot where people went swimming. She and her partner, Ronnie, were drunk, and he drowned in front of us. I was four years old.” Juano remembers his mother screaming, and Ronnie being pulled out of the water. “I don’t know why I wasn’t separated from her then,” he wonders aloud.

He was eventually taken into care, but life in a children’s home wasn’t that different


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