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Twitter is set to add the long-sought option to add pronouns to users’ profile pages.

As part of a sprawling design shakeup, the social media platform that boasts some 192 million daily active users will introduce a new ‘About’ tab on accounts.

Alongside options to add their date of birth, job title, current location and interests will be a dedicated section to list their pronouns.

The ‘About’ tab will be to the left of the already existing ‘Tweets’, ‘Tweets & Replies’, ‘Media’ and ‘Likes’, according to mock-ups seen by TechCrunch.

Twitter has not provided a timeline for the slated update, but did say it would be “coming soon”.

“The profile hasn’t been meaningfully updated since 2014, which is a little mind-blowing, considering how much both Twitter and the world have changed


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