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Last night was quite the episode on Drag Race UK. So much to unpack; the queens were still reeling from Ginny Lemon’s shock exit, while at the same time a former queen was thrown back into the competition.

(Anybody notice the shade from Ru about Ginny’s choice to leave?!)

Veronica had coronavirus and RuPaul also had his first British bitch-fit… “I don’t wanna see any fuckin’ H&M!”

But the steal of the show was the crazily catchy UK Hun, by the United Kingdolls in the show’s adaptation of the Eurovision (or RuRuVision) Song Competition.

The stellar line-up was made of Bimini, A’Hora, Tayce and Lawrence Chainey. They all delivered on their lyrics but our ‘tops’ were Tayce talking about her inches and just everything in


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