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Ben Hardy in his 2014 Attitude cover shoot (Images: Attitude)

Ben Hardy has reflected on his first Attitude cover moment a decade after the event – with his Unicorns co-star Jason Patel declaring: “You’re such a hottie!”

He’s barely changed in 10 years, to be fair!

The shot of Ben Hardy chosen for his 2014 cover (Images: Attitude) The shoot featured Hardy rocking a range of swimwear (Images: Attitude) Hardy appears in 2024 film Unicorns (Images: Attitude)

The actors caught up with Attitude last week to discuss their new movie Unicorns – about the romance between a single father mechanic and a British-Indian drag queen – but we couldn’t resist reminding Hardy of his swimwear-inspired photoshoot from 2014.

“I knew it was coming up, so I laid of


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