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Image Credit: ‘Stories From My Gay Grandparents,’ BAE Communications

They say it’s never too late to come out, and that maxim gets explored to hilarious effect in the comedic Canadian web series Stories From My Gay Grandparents.

Nearly 50 years ago, Russell (musical Come From Away‘s James Kall) and Barbara Butters (Fellow Travelers‘s Jane Moffat) got married, started a family, and led your typical, suburban heteronormative lives—at least that’s what it always looked like to their queer grandkids Mason (The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Scott Farley) and Rebecca Michelle (Avocado Toast‘s Perrie Voss).

But after a near-death experience, they decide it’s finally time to ditch the “beards” and live their lives to the fullest. So, they show up at Mason and Rebecca Michell’s door in Toronto the


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