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Tilly Fitzgerald and Waterstones (Image: TikTok/@tilllovesbooks1 and Unsplash)

The bookseller and influencer who was sacked from her role at Waterstones for saying she’d bin the works of a gender-critical author has thanked people for their support.

Tilly Fitzgerald, who posts under the name Tilly Loves Books on social media, was sacked by the high-street bookshop after commenting on the works of the author Christina Dalcher. The latter had expressed support for the SEEN publishing network for those “concerned about the impact of gender ideology.”

In response, Fitzgerald recently wrote on X: “Ooh I’ll enjoy tearing up your books and popping them in the bin today. Thanks for the heads up.” This led to her being sacked from Waterstones. Fitzgerald then clarified she never intended for Dalcher’s works to be


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