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Jude Guaitamacchi, the founder of the Trans+ Solidarity Alliance (Image: Kit Oates/Attitude)

With trans lives being dragged into culture war politics, politicians routinely airing transphobic views, and anti-trans reporting in the media rising by 217% in just 5 years, hate is becoming louder every day. For trans+ youth, anti-trans rhetoric has become unavoidable.

This year trans+ youth have been the target, with attacks on their access to safe and appropriate education as well as on their access to gender-affirming care.

So, what is that doing to young minds? In 2021 research by UK-based LGBTQ+ youth charity, Just Like Us found that 33% of young people asked had seen transphobic bullying than non-LGBTQ+ people and 15% of trans+ youth never feel optimistic about their future.

Here’s where the Trans Youth Are Loved


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