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Where’s Melania?

Good question.

Just don’t ask Donald Trump. It seems to be a sensitive subject for him at the moment.

Last weekend, the one-term, twice-impeached, four-time indicted ex-president attended a football game at Iowa State, where he was heckled by the crowd and trolled by a plane that flew over the stadium waving a “Where’s Melania?” banner.

With Trump in attendance at the Iowa-Iowa State game, a ‘Where’s Melania?’ banner flies over the stadium.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) September 9, 2023

While all that was happening, flyers were being distributed amongst the crowd claiming that the ex-FLOTUS was “missing” and urging anyone who’s seen her to please call the Mar-a-Lago security office.

“WHERE IS THIS WOMAN???” the flyers read, with


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