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“How people are so comfortable being so publicly homophobic is mad” – Tom Garratt (Images: Instagram/@tgarratt10)

“What goes on holiday should stay on holiday!”

“If you’re not comfortable with a c**k in your face, there’s something wrong with you!”

“You’ve got to f**king firm it – unlike my mate did!”

And there’s more where that came from!

You’ve got to hand it to sports influencer Tom Garratt. He’s served more laugh-out-loud one-liners this week than Rishi Sunak, that culture war-stoking weasel, has in his entire life.

“I tossed me mate off seven years ago – I haven’t committed a war crime!” the ex-rugby player added of a newly leaked video of him performing (without much success, by all accounts!) an ‘intimate act’ on a friend on holiday, to the laughter


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