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Wolfgang Tillmans (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude; Design: Richard Burn/Attitude)

Paper overturned like a teardrop. Ink swirling across a purple glow. A fly perched atop cracked-open crustaceans, insides shining like treasure. These are just three unforgettable shots by photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, whose portraits of pop stars, LGBTQ+ club-goers and scantily clad lovers often lead conversations about his work. But more than half of his portfolio explores other subjects. “When you see exhibitions of mine, the variety of what’s there is often not captured by a conversation,” says Tillmans, a 2024 PEUGEOT Attitude Pride ICON Award winner.

Such is the breadth of his oeuvre that the Museum of Modern Art dedicated 11 rooms to its 2022 exhibition, Wolfgang Tillmans: To look without fear. It was named, Tillmans says, after “an interview where I


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