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Alice Nokes as Sophia, Orlando Norman as Ben, Amber Grappy as Lauren, Thaddea Graham as Vivian, Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, Miya Ocego as Rosie and Peter Claffey as Cormac (Image: Provided)

Wreck series two is bound for our screens and we’ve just been given our first look at the new series. From what we can see there’s lots more horror, intrigue, brand new villains, and guest stars to look forward to.

The first series, written and created by Ryan J. Brown, debuted on the BBC in 2022. It followed Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) as he joined the crew of the Velorum cruise ship, The Sacramentum, in the hope of finding out more about his sister Pippa’s disappearance from the same ship months earlier. Along the way he joined up with many


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