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The Houthi movement emerged in Yemen in the 1990s (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Henry Ridgwell)

Huthi authorities in Yemen have sentenced seven to stoning and two to crucifixion for ‘homosexual crimes’, it has emerged.

A further 13 students have been sentenced to death for ‘spreading homosexuality’, while prison sentences of up 10 years have been handed down to others and public floggings meted out.

Two Huthi-run courts have sentenced more than 40 people either to death, flogging or prison related to same-sex conduct in total, as per Amnesty International.

The charges include ‘homosexuality’, ‘spreading immorality’, and ‘immoral acts’, according to the human rights group.

“Gruesome public spectacles aimed at spreading fear in the population”

Amnesty has analysed three videos which first appeared on social media on 24 and 25 January showing at


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