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Participants of Zula Rabikowska’s ‘Habun’ project (Image: Zula Rabikowska)

“Habun” is the Arabic word for love, and this project focuses on young queer Muslim people in England. According to the most recent Census, there are more than 3.9 million Muslims in the UK and, according to a 2021 study from a UK-based queer Muslim charity, 42% of Muslim people who identify as LGBTQI+ in the UK are Gen Z or Millennials.

The people I spoke with told me that some Muslim queer people distance themselves from “traditional” cis-heteronormative spaces because they are either pushed away by their religious community or family and that sometimes their relationship with faith is compromised.

(Image: Zula Rabikowska)

Participants of this project shared stories of hope, fear, discrimination, love, and acceptance. We also discussed their


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