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The Peugeot Attitude Pride Awards will be held on 26 June at Raffles London (Image: Attitude)

The Attitude Pride Awards are back for 2024, along with a brand-new headline partnership with automotive brand PEUGEOT and an all-new host venue: Raffles London. And now, we’re looking for nominations.

With the PEUGEOT Attitude Pride Awards, we aim to honour the often overlooked LGBTQ+ individuals who demonstrate courage and resilience in their everyday lives. It’s our aspiration to provide them with a worldwide platform on which to share their experiences.

Whether they have triumphed over personal challenges, shown unwavering dedication to social justice, advocacy, or community involvement, we invite nominations starting today.

How to nominate for the PEUGEOT Attitude Pride Awards

To nominate someone – including yourself – send an email to


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