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Chicago’s Jackhammer Nightclub Accused of Transphobia

Taped Brawl Leads To Arrests And Controversy!

If you’ve ever visited Chicago, especially during the gay porn awards, The Grabbys, you must be aware gay-leather nightclub, Jackhammer, is one of the definite places to visit. While it’s more north of main gayborhood, Boystown, it’s certainly a hot spot to let loose, especially in the basement where clothes come off and inhibitions are unleashed. I’ve always felt welcomed at Jackhammer and have noticed the colorful cast of club patrons each time I’ve been in there. To hear the nightclub is being accused of racism and transphobia over social media baffled me to no end. Why the claims? According to CWB Chicago, a popular fact-forward police blotter, for the lack of a better term, showcases

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