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Daniel Radcliffe and JK Rowling (Images: Philip Romano/Daniel Ogren/Wikimedia Commons)

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has restated his support for “all” LGBTQ people, adding that JK Rowling’s views on gender make him “really sad.”

Radcliffe, who starred in eight films based on Rowling’s best-selling book series, made the rare comments in an interview with The Atlantic.

In a profile published yesterday, the star furthermore added that although “nothing in my life would have probably happened” without Rowling, he doesn’t “owe the things you truly believe to someone else.”

“There’s a version of ‘Are these three kids ungrateful brats?’” – Daniel Radcliffe

“It makes me really sad, ultimately,” the 34-year-old told the outlet, “because I do look at the person that I met, the times that we met, and the books


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