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Dua Lipa has released her latest single ‘Illusion’ (Image: Tyrone Lebon)

Dua Lipa continues the theme of self-empowerment with the third single from her upcoming album, Radical Optimism. ‘Illusion,’ released on Thursday (11 April), follows in much the same vein as ‘Houdini’ and ‘Training Season’.

Dua starts by quietly singing: “I’ve been known to miss a red flag / I’ve been known to put my lover on a pedestal.” Signalling her personal evolution she sings, “It’s time to take my rose-coloured glasses off.”

Dua then challenges the person, “Don’t you know I could do this dance all night?”. It’s here Dua launches into an energetic chorus that encourages the listener to get up and move. “Oooh! What you doing? / Don’t know who you think that


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