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JoJo Siwa in her new music video (Image: Columbia)

From hidden gems to huge hits, the ‘gay pop’ pantheon is stacked with songs, with George Michael’s ‘Freeek!’ and Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ immediately springing to mind.

Can you blame JoJo Siwa, then, for wanting to formalise it… albeit with a song most would rather forget?!

That’s the the TikToker’s plan, at least: after catching heat for comments to Billboard last week about starting “a new genre … called ‘gay pop’” with lesbian-centric single ‘Karma’, the star now claims she’s not the “inventor” of the genre, bur rather, wants to be “CEO”.

Isn’t that Kylie’s job?

“I could say I want world peace, and everyone would be like, ‘How dare you want peace for the


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