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Kemi Badenoch (Image:Simon Dawson/ No 10 Downing Street/Wikimedia Commons)

Minister for Equalities and Women Kemi Badenoch has launched an appeal for people to send examples of organisations issuing “incorrect” and “bad” guidance on single-sex spaces.

The Conservative MP for Saffron Walden says she wants “policymaking […] to tackle any confusion” and “ensure single-sex spaces are maintained.”

A statement issued by the Equalities Office today [Wednesday 1 May 2024] also says that businesses and other organisations can exclude transgender people with Gender Recognitions Certificates “where it is justified.”

The appeal, covering Great Britain, will run for eight weeks starting on 1 May.

Individuals can alternatively speak to the Equality Advisory and Support Service on issues relating to equality and human rights here.

The statement claims that ‘confusion about the law


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