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Originally From: Attitude

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Mel B (Image: Photographs by Malachi Banales)

“We’re eating chips — that’s funny!” cackles Mel B when Attitude shows her the Spice Girls’ Village People-inspired Attitude cover from 1998, for which Scary donned a leather ensemble. (“I stole that hat!”)

As a teen, this writer dreamed of growing up and interviewing the Spice Girls for Attitude. To be doing so — and asking inane questions like “What’s your favourite solo Spice song?” — is surreal. “‘I Turn to You’ by Melanie C,” replies Mel. “Such a big one. The words are like poetry. Whenever she sings it, she loses it! It’s anthemic.” 

“One woman a week is killed by their partner” – Mel B (Image: Joe Schmelze) “I did get offered some stuff in the West End” says


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